Welcome to Live Free and Fashionable!

Kid at heart!

This is me swinging in style! I may be a grown up now but I’m still a kid a heart and can’t resist a set of swings! Even in heels!

Hello my fellow fashionistas and welcome to Live Free and Fashionable!! This initial post is a bit long so you can get to know me and my plans for Live Free and Fashionable. Leave me a hello at the bottom! I’d love to get to know my readers too so I can cater to your fashion interests as well!

The inspiration for the title Live Free and Fashionable comes from my state’s motto, “Live Free or Die”. I am a life-long New Hampshire resident. I absolutely love where I live. The four New England seasons are beautiful. Having four seasons gives me an excuse to explore as many styles as possible. Spring calls for comfy jeans, a light top and cute ballet flats. Summer calls for sundresses, flowing skirt and adorable tank tops. Fall calls for jeans, boots, and cozy sweaters. And winter calls for bundling up under as many layers as possible. The four seasons mean I never fall into a fashion rut. Every season change there is an excuse for me to go find more items for my wardrobe!

With my love of fashion comes a love of shopping. With my love of shopping comes a love for finding great deals! I am a very budget conscious shopper. As awesome as it would be, my reality is that I do not have a endless bank account. I am a compulsive online window shopper. Even if I cannot buy the clothes I am looking at I window shop to check out what stores are putting on the racks. I love to hop on polyvore and experiment with different looks. I will be sharing plenty of my polyvore creations on the blog. This is the best way I can think of to share my style

I will also feature individual items I love! While window shopping I often fall head over heels for specific items. I am always dying to share my finds with others. Live Free and Fashionable will be the perfect venue for me to do that! Each time I come across and item I love I will share my styling ideas for the item as well as a link to the item in case you want to check it out yourself!

As Live Free and Fashionable evolves you will see my style is quite eclectic. There are times where I prefer a straightforward, classic look and there are times where I jump out into another style for the fun of it. I believe fashion should be exciting and enjoyable. If I see something I like in a different style I’m always willing to give it a try!

Another part of fashion is of course, hair, nails and make-up. My make-up style is a simple natural look with a focus on the eyes. I do not believe in covering up a woman’s beauty with make-up. I believe in enhancing a woman’s beauty with make-up. I also love to do my own nails. It is fun to get a manicure and pedicure every once in a while, but I find it therapeutic to sit down, zone out, and get creative with my nail polish looks. Lastly, I plan to throw in some hair tid-bits. Clean, beautiful and presentable hair can really pull a look together. I will share my favorite hair styling tips, ideas and products with all of you.

As part of Live Free and Fashionable, I plan to share links to items I’m blogging about. The links will have three price ranges: “Bargain”, “Treat” and “Only in my dreams!” “Bargain” will be the item in a very low price range, essentially, the least expensive version of the item that is still a quality item. “Treat” is a slightly more expensive version of the item. “Only in my dreams!” is exactly what it sounds like, a fantastic version of the item that is simply soaring out of my price range!

My goal with Live Free and Fashionable is to share wearable fashions with other women. Many fashion blogs show very beautiful and fascinating fashions, however, many of them are not wearable for the everyday woman. My hope is that my posts will be practical, while still exciting, fashion inspiration for my readers!

Through Live Free and Fashionable I am looking forward to sharing all of my favorite clothing items. I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts too! Weigh in on my fashion picks and share yours as well! Give me a quick hello in the comments! I hope I inspire you all to come back and check out my posts!