Love my TOMS!

If you haven’t heard of TOMS yet I highly recommend checking them out. (They are currently offering free shipping on ALL orders!

The great thing about TOMS is that for every pair sold they donate a pair of shoes to children in need all over the world. The shoes can protect these children’s feet not only from cuts and scrapes, but also from infection and disease. Also, because children’s feet are constantly growing TOMS makes a point of donating a new pair of the shoes to the children after 6 months.

I learned about TOMS through my cousin. I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that would be appropriate for my job as a classroom music teacher. As much as I would have loved to wear a pair of cute heels with my outfit everyday it simply wouldn’t be practical for dancing and playing music games in the classroom all day.

I have two pairs so far, a pair of classics and a pair of ballet flats. You have seen my ballet flats in several posts now. I will wear the classics more in the fall. Here are some photos of me in my ballet flats.

If you’re looking at the ballet flats now is the time to jump! They seem to be going on a hiatus. There are only a few pairs left in the “last chance” section. Best of all TOMS is offering free shipping on all orders up until 8/27.


Shabby Apple’s Amazing Super Soft T-Shirt

Check out the t-shirt and earrings I just got from Shabby Apple.

T-shirt: Shabby Apple

Earrings: Shabby Apple

Necklace: Homemade by an aunt

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Only available in store)

Shoes: TOMS Ballet Flats (This style seems to be taking a vacation.

A few are left in the last chance section)

I have never had a t-shirt this soft. It feels like silk against my skin. This is the Chatham Tee from Shabby Apple. Basics are a very important piece of my wardrobe. I tend to be warm all the time (even during the winter) so I like to layer with cardigans or accessories. It is a nice summer day today so I opted for accessories.

My earrings are also a pick from Shabby Apple. They are called the Pompeii Earrings. I love the intricate design. It reminds me of little leaves that have dried up after fall.

I discovered Shabby Apple through the blogosphere. So many bloggers were talking about them so I had to see what the hype was about. Now that I’ve got some of their items I can completely understand why they are such a beloved company. When my items arrived they were packaged very carefully. The earrings came in this cute little bag with the logo stamped on. When I opened the bag I saw they were also protected in a box with the logo stamped on it. When a company packs their items with so much care I know that they are truly aiming to deliver the best products to their customers.

For all of my readers who have sewing skills or are DIYer’s you should know Shabby Apple also has a “Practically Perfect” section with their sale items. They sell items that may be missing a button or have some other small imperfection at a discounted price. I am totally willing to sew on a button if it means saving money on an item.

Have you bought anything from Shabby Apple? What are your favorite items?

Olympic Spirit

I thought I would switch things up today with an Olympic inspired Polyvore set.

First Mate

Nicole Farhi striped t shirt, $59 / Tommy Hilfiger capri shorts, $59 / TOMS wedge / Clare Vivier leather tote bag / Kate Spade long earrings / Elie Saab chiffon scarve / Balenciaga aviator sunglasses / Essie nail polish

The Americans have really been strutting their stuff in the aquatic events at the 2012 Olympics. If I had the fortune of being able to attend the Olympics I would definitely wear something similar to this to the swimming and diving events.

The red, white and blue are clearly all there. The nautical stripes add a fun flare to the outfit. I live in Bermuda shorts during the summer. They are so comfortable and they’re nice and long so I don’t constantly feel like I need to pull them down to cover my legs.

Have you been watching they Olympics? Which events are your favorites? Which country are you cheering for?

Almost to the weekend! 🙂


A Lovely Weekend Trip to the Lake

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus from writing! Hopefully you will enjoy my extra long vacation post with bonus pictures!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Not available online)

Tank Top: Hollister

Shorts: Marshall’s (Last Season)

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: Loft Outlet

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: American Eagle (Last Season)

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Shoes: TOMS

Driving the golf cart! 🙂

This is my beautiful mother who takes fantastic photos for me!

Mom and I had a nice quiet weekend up at the lake with my grandfather who is up from Florida for the summer. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place by the lake. It has been in the family since my mom, aunts and uncle were kids. My grandparents purchased it after falling in love with the area visiting my great aunt and great uncle at their place. Since then our family has spent many summer weeks and weekends enjoying the lake and water. They are in a private park so there is a great sense of community. Everyone greets each other with a smile and wave as they pass.

 There are so many things to do up at the lake. My cousins and I always have a great time spending the days down by the water enjoying the private beach. The girls will get away to do some shopping at the nearby outlet. Mom and I made sure to make 2 stops this weekend! In the park itself the scenery is beautiful. We’ll take walks through the park (or golf cart rides!) and walk along the train tracks.When we were kids we used to run down to the tracks with a penny to try and get it on the rails before the train got close. (Don’t worry, you could hear the train several minutes before it went by). Once the train passed you would have a nice hot flattened penny!

Our family has so many special memories from our weekends up at the lake. It is such a beautiful place to share with family and friends. This was a quiet weekend compared to most but it really was a lovely getaway. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy such a great place every summer.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather here in New England was perfect. Hopefully you all had beautiful weather as well!

Azure Thing Dress from ModCloth

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

I stumbled across ModCloth through a friend’s post on Facebook and I have been hooked ever since. Today I’m wearing my “Azure Thing Dress” from ModCloth.

Dress: ModCloth (sold out) similar

Tank top: Hollister (last season) similar

Shoes: TOMS

Earrings: Lia Sophia

Necklace: Icing (Last season)

This dress was on sale for only $12.99! The thing I love most about ModCloth is the abundance of modest options. I can not stand wearing a dress that is really short. I don’t feel confident in them. Not because I am self conscious about my legs or anything like that; it is because I feel like I am constantly worried the dress is riding up and showing off my underwear!

To make sure I am covered on top in my Azure Thing Dress I pair it with a lace trim tank top from Hollister. It gives me the coverage I need to feel comfortable and compliments the dress.

Have you shopped at ModCloth yet? Do you have a favorite piece from ModCloth? Do you feel the same way I do about super short dresses?

Enjoy your afternoon!