5 Tips to Finding Great Bargains on Clothes

So many of you have commented on what great prices I find when shopping. I thought it would be fun to share some of my techniques with all of you! The only thing better than finding items you love is finding them on sale!

The dress below was a huge bargain at only $6!! (Check out a recap of bargains I found below my 5 tips!)


5. Hunt for the best price – If you know you are seeking a specific item always start by hunting for the best price. I do this by checking sales flyers and looking the item up online. Polyvore has a great shopping feature where you can type in an item and it will bring up links to buy that item from a whole bunch of websites. For instance, if you search “black pumps” you will get a list showing hundreds of black pumps sold on hundreds of different websites. Once you have that list you can select a price range. Start with the lowest price range. Chances are pretty good you will find just what you were looking for at a low price.

4. Use the sort by price options on websites – When shopping online I always use the filters which allow me to view items by price. I make sure they get sorted beginning with the lowest price. This comes in handy because then you don’t spot a fantastic expensive item from the start. Let’s be honest, when that happens, nothing else seems good enough. Once I have my items sorted I set a price point for myself. For example, if I knew I needed a new white button up shirt and didn’t want to spend more than $20 on it I make myself stop looking once I reach the $20 items. If that website doesn’t have anything I like in the right price range I move on to another website. The great thing about the internet is you don’t have to worry about driving from one store to another digging through racks. Type in a quick web address and you’re browsing a whole new selection!

3. Join FREE rewards clubs (DO NOT open credit cards!) – Many stores have jumped on the rewards club bandwagon. Rewards clubs offer you bonuses for shopping at their store. You may earn points or receive special coupons based on your purchases. For example, I have an American Eagle Rewards card. Every time I shop at American Eagle or Aerie I earn points. Every 3 months I am sent an email letting me know how many points I have earned. 100 points saves you 15%, 200 saves 20%. 350 saves 30%, and 500+ saves 40%. Aerie has a special bonus that for every 5 bras you purchase you get one free (no limit on how long it takes!). They also send you a 15% off coupon for your birthday.

Some other great free store rewards programs I have are Sephora’s Beauty Insider card and DSW’s Reward card.

**Make sure that you clarify that you are not signing up for a credit card. Many stores call their credit cards a reward program or club. Having too many credit cards open can lead to many problems down the road. The only exception is if you have a specific store that you shop at so regularly that it would be a major advantage to have the card. Rewards cards associated with credit cards often require hundreds of dollars in purchases before you even begin receiving rewards. If you should sign up for a store credit card make sure you pay it off every month. The interest rates are incredibly high. If you have to pay interest you really are not saving at all.

2. Shop Outlet Malls – I find some of my best savings at outlet malls. Outlet stores offer fabulous deals not offered in their regular stores. Stores like Banana Republic and The LOFT offer exclusive clothing at their outlet stores. I have yet to walk into an outlet store that is not running a huge sale. For example, the last time I went to The LOFT Outlet everything  in the store was 40% off. The other great thing about the outlets is that they often have coupon books available in their office. Tanger Outlets offer special coupon books to AAA Insurance holders as well. All you need to do is show them your card. The outlet stores themselves often run promotions for AAA members as well.

And last but certainly not least…

1. Shop Clearance First!!! – Whenever I go shopping I head straight for the clearance racks first both in store and online. So many of my favorite outfits came from clearance racks. There is nothing wrong with these clothes, they are simply marked down to make room for new styles. Shopping clearance online is even more fun than shopping clearance in stores because stores tend to have all sizes in stock. I often find myself not even browsing regular priced items when I shop online simply because I find everything I was looking for in the clearance section.

Bonus Tip for online shopping – NEVER check out until you have googled promotional codes or coupons for the store. Almost all stores that have a place to enter a coupon code have a promotion running at all times. I try my hardest to never pay for shipping online as well. Searching for coupons often results in free shipping. The $5 here and $7 there can really add up.

Here are some items I got at great prices!


Ann Taylor Sweater: $12 after savings!

Express Pencil Skirt: Last one only $20 off Mannequin!

ModCloth Dress: Only $12.99 on clearance!

LOFT Outlet (only available in store): Shirt $9.99 on Clearance/Shorts $14.99 on Clearance

Banana Republic Outlet (only available in stores) Top only $9.99 on Clearance

Forever21 Dress with Belt only $14.80

Banana Republic Outlet (only available in stores) Top only $12.97 on Clearance

LOFT Outlet (only available in stores) dress only $12.77

How do you save money? Do you have any store rewards cards you couldn’t live without?



Shabby Apple’s Amazing Super Soft T-Shirt

Check out the t-shirt and earrings I just got from Shabby Apple.

T-shirt: Shabby Apple

Earrings: Shabby Apple

Necklace: Homemade by an aunt

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Only available in store)

Shoes: TOMS Ballet Flats (This style seems to be taking a vacation.

A few are left in the last chance section)

I have never had a t-shirt this soft. It feels like silk against my skin. This is the Chatham Tee from Shabby Apple. Basics are a very important piece of my wardrobe. I tend to be warm all the time (even during the winter) so I like to layer with cardigans or accessories. It is a nice summer day today so I opted for accessories.

My earrings are also a pick from Shabby Apple. They are called the Pompeii Earrings. I love the intricate design. It reminds me of little leaves that have dried up after fall.

I discovered Shabby Apple through the blogosphere. So many bloggers were talking about them so I had to see what the hype was about. Now that I’ve got some of their items I can completely understand why they are such a beloved company. When my items arrived they were packaged very carefully. The earrings came in this cute little bag with the logo stamped on. When I opened the bag I saw they were also protected in a box with the logo stamped on it. When a company packs their items with so much care I know that they are truly aiming to deliver the best products to their customers.

For all of my readers who have sewing skills or are DIYer’s you should know Shabby Apple also has a “Practically Perfect” section with their sale items. They sell items that may be missing a button or have some other small imperfection at a discounted price. I am totally willing to sew on a button if it means saving money on an item.

Have you bought anything from Shabby Apple? What are your favorite items?

Black and Blue

As I was digging through my closet this morning to find a new outfit, I actually stumbled upon this old shirt I had never worn.


Shirt: Victoria’s Secret (Old)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Possibly still in store on clearance)

Sandals: Nine West (Last Season)

If you’re one of my regular readers you know I am wearing these shorts to death. I got them on clearance from the LOFT Outlet.

I bought the shirt from Victoria’s Secret at least a year ago (maybe more, I can’t remember). Every time I go to wear it I realize I am wearing jeans and I put it back in my closet. I don’t like to wear one color from head to toe; I think it looks too boring.

This morning I decided it was time to put this shirt to use! I pulled out my beloved LOFT Outlet shorts and threw on the shirt. It looked decent as is, but I decided to try another new thing and tie a knot at the bottom. The shirt was made to be worn with a wrinkled effect and I thought the knot added to that relaxed feel.

So after letting this shirt go unused for at least a year, I’ve decided I need to be a bit more creative! I could have been wearing it a lot longer if I had just put in a little more thought!


Tiny Polka Dots

I’m really loving my sale shorts from the LOFT Outlet. Today I paired them with this polka dot top.

 Top: Forever21 (Last season)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet

I got this top from Forever21. I’ve worn it many different ways. With jeans, shorts, skirts… it’s so versatile! I absolutely love Forever21 because their items are so reasonably price and yet they look so good.

The shorts I’m wearing have become a fabulous investment. I’ve already worn them several times, and if you remember, I bought them at a great price!

Click on the links below to check out all the different ways I’ve worn them so far!

Blue top

Tribal Print

Light Blue Floral

Do you have a favorite piece that you can never get enough of? How many different ways can you wear it?

I hope you’re all having a great week! It’s almost Friday! 🙂


Another Outlet Find

I’ve still got some pieces from my double outlet trip with my mom from a couple of weeks ago.


Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Sandals: Nine West (last season)

Earrings: Lia Sophia

You’ve seen the shorts in previous posts (like this one) but the shirt is a new item. I spotted this on the petite clearance rack at the Banana Republic Outlet store. The bold blue color popped right out of the rack and when I took it out I knew I needed to have it. The best part was that it was marked down from an original price of $39.99 to $12.97! Needless to say, it was coming home with me.

The top by itself flows away from the body quite a bit. To keep it from swallowing me up I borrowed the belt from this dress and cinched it at the waist.

It’s still been super steamy and hot up here in New England. I’ll be spending my Friday relaxing in the pool. How are you beating the heat today?



Tribal Print

Hello fabulous readers!

This is one of my new outfits from my outlet and lake getaway with my mom.


Top: Banana Republic Outlet (not available online)

Shorts: LOFT Oulet (not available online)

Earrings: Lia Sophia

Flip Flops: Old Navy


So many of my clothes are solid colors. It’s not that I dislike prints, I really love a good attention-grabbing pattern. Sometimes I think I just gravitate to the solid colors because they are so easy to match.

This top was another excellent bargain from the Banana Republic Outlet. It was originally $34.99 marked down to $9.99. I especially love the knot detail on the back. It makes a simple cotton top look much fancier.

The shorts were from the LOFT Outlet also a sale item at only $14.99. I love the shorts because they are incredibly comfortable yet the black fabric makes them look chic.

I hope you all had an excellent weekend!!


Light and Casual

Happy Thursday readers!

Today’s outfit is casual look for a hot summer day.

Top: American Eagle (Last season)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Not available online)

Bracelet: Express (Last season)

Necklace: Lia Sophia (Retired design)

I got this top on sale at American Eagle last summer. I love it because it is very light and easy to wear. I can pair it with my shorts on a hot day or with jeans and a blazer or cardigan on a cool day.

My bermuda shorts are a recent purchase from the LOFT Outlet. Unfortunately, the items sold in the LOFT Outlet are exclusive to those stores. They are not available online. If you have a LOFT Outlet near you I highly recommend checking it out. It was difficult for me not to buy everything I saw when I shopped there. The prices were very low to begin with and on top of that there was a storewide 40% off promotion running. The quality of the clothing at the LOFT Outlet is superb. I know the pieces I purchase there will last me a very long time.

Have you shopped at a LOFT Outlet? What is your favorite item you’ve purchased from them?

Enjoy your Thursday!


Lovely savings!

Good afternoon!

Today’s outfit is probably my favorite so far on the blog.

Top: LOFT Outlet (not available online)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (not available online)

As part of our weekend getaway to the lake my Mom and I went to two different outlet malls. A new set of premium outlets opened a couple towns away so we stopped there first. It was so exciting to load up on great new pieces at such low prices. I even got myself a case at Coach for my iPad at nearly 75% off!

I got this outfit at the LOFT Outlet. The shorts were originally $39.99 and I got them on sale for $14.99. The top was originally $39.99 and I got it on sale for $9.99!! The top is so light and breathable. It is very wearable for everyday but could also be dressed up with a pencil skirt or nice pair of dress pants. I think I’m on that border of casual and dressy today with the black shorts.

Do you find bargains like I do? Will you buy things at full price or do you prefer to wait for them to go on sale? Where do you score your best bargains?

Have a fabulous afternoon!


A Lovely Weekend Trip to the Lake

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus from writing! Hopefully you will enjoy my extra long vacation post with bonus pictures!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Not available online)

Tank Top: Hollister

Shorts: Marshall’s (Last Season)

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: Loft Outlet

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: American Eagle (Last Season)

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Shoes: TOMS

Driving the golf cart! 🙂

This is my beautiful mother who takes fantastic photos for me!

Mom and I had a nice quiet weekend up at the lake with my grandfather who is up from Florida for the summer. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place by the lake. It has been in the family since my mom, aunts and uncle were kids. My grandparents purchased it after falling in love with the area visiting my great aunt and great uncle at their place. Since then our family has spent many summer weeks and weekends enjoying the lake and water. They are in a private park so there is a great sense of community. Everyone greets each other with a smile and wave as they pass.

 There are so many things to do up at the lake. My cousins and I always have a great time spending the days down by the water enjoying the private beach. The girls will get away to do some shopping at the nearby outlet. Mom and I made sure to make 2 stops this weekend! In the park itself the scenery is beautiful. We’ll take walks through the park (or golf cart rides!) and walk along the train tracks.When we were kids we used to run down to the tracks with a penny to try and get it on the rails before the train got close. (Don’t worry, you could hear the train several minutes before it went by). Once the train passed you would have a nice hot flattened penny!

Our family has so many special memories from our weekends up at the lake. It is such a beautiful place to share with family and friends. This was a quiet weekend compared to most but it really was a lovely getaway. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy such a great place every summer.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather here in New England was perfect. Hopefully you all had beautiful weather as well!

Bright Blue Summer Sweater

Good morning my fashionable friends!

I am having so much fun going through my closet and finding outfits to share with you. It is making getting dressed in the morning an exciting event!

Bright Blue Ann Taylor 1

Bright Blue Ann Taylor 2

Sweater: Ann Taylor (A few sizes left in Fuchsia)

Shorts: Marshall’s (last season) Similar

Necklace: Forever 21

Earrings: Lia Sophia

Sandals: Nine West (last season) Similar

Today I pulled out one of my favorite summer sweaters. This is a light knit sweater from Ann Taylor which I got on sale. They were running a 40% off sale promotion when I bought it so it cost me around $12. Ann Taylor has excellent sales and their clothing is very high quality. I have just recently begun shopping at Ann Taylor however, I know many women who shop their and have pieces that have lasted for years and years.

I have a necklace from Forever 21 and earrings by Lia Sophia to accessorize. My Nine West leopard print sandals are back along with my shorts from Marshall’s last season. I am addicted to khaki shorts in the summer. I think it is because they coordinate just as easily as denim but they look a bit more dressy.

I hope that Monday is off to a good start for all of you!