Fall Toes

Today’s post is a quick one! I couldn’t hold off any longer and decided to throw some Fall polish on my toes!

Polish: “I Feel the Earth Move” by Spa Ritual

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. There was a giant spider outside on the deck when I went to take them in the natural light. I’m pretty sure everyone within a 10 mile radius heard my shriek!)

I have been eyeing my fall colored clothes in my closet too, however, they’re all too warm for the summer weather. Fall will be here before we know it though!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Black and Blue

As I was digging through my closet this morning to find a new outfit, I actually stumbled upon this old shirt I had never worn.


Shirt: Victoria’s Secret (Old)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Possibly still in store on clearance)

Sandals: Nine West (Last Season)

If you’re one of my regular readers you know I am wearing these shorts to death. I got them on clearance from the LOFT Outlet.

I bought the shirt from Victoria’s Secret at least a year ago (maybe more, I can’t remember). Every time I go to wear it I realize I am wearing jeans and I put it back in my closet. I don’t like to wear one color from head to toe; I think it looks too boring.

This morning I decided it was time to put this shirt to use! I pulled out my beloved LOFT Outlet shorts and threw on the shirt. It looked decent as is, but I decided to try another new thing and tie a knot at the bottom. The shirt was made to be worn with a wrinkled effect and I thought the knot added to that relaxed feel.

So after letting this shirt go unused for at least a year, I’ve decided I need to be a bit more creative! I could have been wearing it a lot longer if I had just put in a little more thought!


Another Outlet Find

I’ve still got some pieces from my double outlet trip with my mom from a couple of weeks ago.


Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Sandals: Nine West (last season)

Earrings: Lia Sophia

You’ve seen the shorts in previous posts (like this one) but the shirt is a new item. I spotted this on the petite clearance rack at the Banana Republic Outlet store. The bold blue color popped right out of the rack and when I took it out I knew I needed to have it. The best part was that it was marked down from an original price of $39.99 to $12.97! Needless to say, it was coming home with me.

The top by itself flows away from the body quite a bit. To keep it from swallowing me up I borrowed the belt from this dress and cinched it at the waist.

It’s still been super steamy and hot up here in New England. I’ll be spending my Friday relaxing in the pool. How are you beating the heat today?




 Hey everyone!

Today’s post is brought to you by fabulous gift givers!

Dress: Gift (Banana Republic Outlet)

Belt: The Limited (Last season)

Sandals: Nine West (Last season)

Brown & Black Bracelet: Express (Last season)

Colorful bracelet: Gift (Anguilla street vendor)

I got this dress as a birthday present from my parents. My Mom picked it out at the Banana Republic Outlet. I love the ease of this dress. It is 100% cotton, which means it is super soft and comfortable. The detail on the sleeves dresses it up just a tad to make it stand out from a regular cotton dress.

I paired the belt with it to break up the color. I thought about going with a higher belt but thought this would be a more relaxed look. The bracelets were easy to pick out as the brown and black went with the belt and the colorful bracelet had hints of a similar green shade to the dress.

I’m off to jump in the pool! Enjoy your Tuesday!


Tribal Print

Hello fabulous readers!

This is one of my new outfits from my outlet and lake getaway with my mom.


Top: Banana Republic Outlet (not available online)

Shorts: LOFT Oulet (not available online)

Earrings: Lia Sophia

Flip Flops: Old Navy


So many of my clothes are solid colors. It’s not that I dislike prints, I really love a good attention-grabbing pattern. Sometimes I think I just gravitate to the solid colors because they are so easy to match.

This top was another excellent bargain from the Banana Republic Outlet. It was originally $34.99 marked down to $9.99. I especially love the knot detail on the back. It makes a simple cotton top look much fancier.

The shorts were from the LOFT Outlet also a sale item at only $14.99. I love the shorts because they are incredibly comfortable yet the black fabric makes them look chic.

I hope you all had an excellent weekend!!


Lazy Monday Outfit

Happy Monday readers! I thought I’d switch things up today with another Polyvore creation. (If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post I’ve got 3 of my own outfits up!)

Lazy afternoon

Monsoon cotton shirt / 7 For All Mankind low rise jeans / Flat shoes, $55 / Michael Kors handbag / Banana Republic pearl jewelry / Chandelier earrings / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeshadow, $75 / Essie nail polish

I threw this outfit together starting with the coral top. The color caught my eye and I love anything that is loose and flowy. I think outfits are much more flattering if they hang loosely on the body. For the bottoms I chose skinny jeans. I am totally hooked on my skinny jeans. In the summer they go perfectly with my TOMS or with my boots in the fall. The Michael Kors bag is my idea of handbag perfection. The simple design and beautiful tan color would go with so many outfits. The earrings play off of the color of the shirt along with the dark copper nail polish. The sandals and bracelet dress the outfit up to make it look a little less casual.

I hope you all are having a great start to the week! Enjoy the sunshine! Mindy

A Lovely Weekend Trip to the Lake

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus from writing! Hopefully you will enjoy my extra long vacation post with bonus pictures!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Not available online)

Tank Top: Hollister

Shorts: Marshall’s (Last Season)

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: Loft Outlet

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: American Eagle (Last Season)

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Shoes: TOMS

Driving the golf cart! 🙂

This is my beautiful mother who takes fantastic photos for me!

Mom and I had a nice quiet weekend up at the lake with my grandfather who is up from Florida for the summer. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place by the lake. It has been in the family since my mom, aunts and uncle were kids. My grandparents purchased it after falling in love with the area visiting my great aunt and great uncle at their place. Since then our family has spent many summer weeks and weekends enjoying the lake and water. They are in a private park so there is a great sense of community. Everyone greets each other with a smile and wave as they pass.

 There are so many things to do up at the lake. My cousins and I always have a great time spending the days down by the water enjoying the private beach. The girls will get away to do some shopping at the nearby outlet. Mom and I made sure to make 2 stops this weekend! In the park itself the scenery is beautiful. We’ll take walks through the park (or golf cart rides!) and walk along the train tracks.When we were kids we used to run down to the tracks with a penny to try and get it on the rails before the train got close. (Don’t worry, you could hear the train several minutes before it went by). Once the train passed you would have a nice hot flattened penny!

Our family has so many special memories from our weekends up at the lake. It is such a beautiful place to share with family and friends. This was a quiet weekend compared to most but it really was a lovely getaway. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy such a great place every summer.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather here in New England was perfect. Hopefully you all had beautiful weather as well!

Summer Casual

Sunny with a Strong Chance of Flowers

Old Navy racerback tank / Etoile Isabel Marant blue jeans, $215 / Leather sandals, $330 / Clare Vivier messenger tote / Jones New York cuff bracelet / LORD & TAYLOR fine jewelry
Happy Sunday readers!
Here is another one of my polyvore creations. The tank top is from Old Navy and there are still some left on sale for only $9! There are some other cute prints available too. The gold jewelry dresses the outfit up a bit so it doesn’t look too casual. It is a bit hot for this outfit right now but I think it would be great for those transition weeks from summer into fall. You know, when it’s still too warm to be bundled up but not hot enough for shorts.
I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend so far! It has been super hot up here in New England with temps in the 90’s. I’m planning to spend a good chunk of the afternoon in the pool keeping cool. How are you spending this Sunday afternoon?
Enjoy your afternoon!

Simply Navy

First of all, I want to thank everyone one of you for visiting my new blog! I am really enjoying sharing my fashions and hearing all of your opinions. I hope you continue reading and commenting! Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and/or Bloglovin’ so you don’t miss any new posts!

Today I had some things to do out an about so I wanted a casual look that I could run around in.

Simply Navy 1

Simply Navy 2

Simply Navy 3

Top: The Limited

Tank top: Hollister

Necklace: Lia Sophia (discontinued) Similar

Shorts: Marshall’s (last season) Similar

Sandals: Nine West (last season) Similar

I love the t-shirt so much that I have it in more than one color. It is super soft plus, it is wash and wear! I won the necklace at a Lia Sophia Party. I was given the opportunity to pick one discontinued piece of jewelry and I chose this because I have very few gold tone necklaces. The shorts are my go-to shorts. They have a bit of stretch to them which makes them super comfortable, but I think the folded hem makes them look a bit more pulled together.

I wear my Hollister lace trim tank tops under almost everything. They give me an extra layer when my tops are semi-transparent and also come down over the top of my pants or shorts so my mid-drift stays covered.

My sandals were an awesome find at the Nine West Outlet last year. They were on sale for $15. I simply could not pass them up!

Are you a bargain hunter? What was your best find? Do you have several?

Fabulous Floral – A Polyvore Creation

Fabulous Floral

Something you will see me do often on Live Free and Fashionable is share one of my polyvore creations. When I am on polyvore I like to start off with an item I love, usually a shirt or a dress and design an outfit around it.

With my Fabulous Floral set I started with the Dolce and Gabbana floral tank. I was drawn to the tank top by the vibrant colors and soft ethereal fabric. The top definitely falls into the “Only in my Dreams” category due to the price, but let me tell you, if money were no object it would be in my closet!!

I wanted a summery look so I decided to pair it with the khaki shorts (though it would really go with any kind of bottoms). Now, I am incredibly picky when it comes to shoes. It took me quite a while to select the Emanuela Caruso sandals. I like them because they add a new texture to the outfit. The stones and crystals are chic.

The choice of a bag color was easy. I knew I wanted to draw from one of the colors in the D&G tank. I chose the bright red satchel because the color paired perfectly with the tank top, however the design was simple. Adding texture in the bag would have been overboard.

Lastly, I needed to accessorize. I threw in the hat as both a fashionable and practical point. I picture myself in this outfit strolling along the beach in the summer. The wide brimmed hat gives that cute look while keeping the wearer cool. The jewelry adds a little pop of sophistication with the earrings and glittery bangles.

Overall I feel this outfit gives a look of sophistication with a pop of cheeriness!

What do you wear for a stroll on the beach? Do you have any items similar to these in your closet? How would you pair them?