Fall Toes

Today’s post is a quick one! I couldn’t hold off any longer and decided to throw some Fall polish on my toes!

Polish: “I Feel the Earth Move” by Spa Ritual

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. There was a giant spider outside on the deck when I went to take them in the natural light. I’m pretty sure everyone within a 10 mile radius heard my shriek!)

I have been eyeing my fall colored clothes in my closet too, however, they’re all too warm for the summer weather. Fall will be here before we know it though!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Quick Chip Fix

Today’s post is a short one, but I wanted to share my quick and easy chip fix for my polish.


Polish from base of nail to tip:

Julep Polish in Sandra/SpaRitual Polish in Looking Glass/SpaRitual Polish in Drop Dead Gorgeous.


The tips of my nail polish started to chip from all of the wear and tear I put them through. Rather than taking off my polish and starting from scratch, I decided to give them a quick fix. All it took was one coat of a deeper pink polish to not only fix the chips but also give the design a new look!

What do you do when your polish starts to chip? Do you touch it up or start from scratch?


Silver and Magenta Cloud Nails

I have been on a nail polish kick lately. Here is my latest polish design.

Magenta: Julep in Sandra Silver: SpaRitual in Looking Glass

I have bought 8 new nail polishes in the last 2 weeks. I got 5 new polishes in my Julep It-Girl Mystery Box.

Most recently I bought 3 new SpaRitual mini-polishes with an Apothica gift card I won over on Erica’s fabulous blog Sweets and Hearts. (Thank you for the awesome giveaway Erica!) If you haven’t already seen her blog I highly recommend checking it out. She has such a fun style!

Left to right: Drop Dead Gorgeous, I Feel the Earth Move, Looking Glass

I had so many choices that I couldn’t simply pick one color to paint my nails. For this look I decided on the Julep nail polish in Sandra as a base color. Once that dried I applied the SpaRitual polish in Looking Glass polish. To make the cloud shape I simply stopped part way down the nail with the brush.

I’m super excited for fall to arrive so I can start wearing the darker nail polish shades. The rich burgundy and brown tones are my favorites!

I hope you all are having a good start to your week!



Julep Mystery Box!

Julep Mystery Box!


My Julep Mystery “It Girl” Box arrived yesterday afternoon and I was ecstatic when I saw what was inside!


How cute is this packaging? I felt like I was opening a present with all of the confetti and bright colored paper!

Left to right: Base coat, Rachel, Sandra, Jessica, Megan

Julep’s website said that each box would contain at least 2 bottles of nail polish and anywhere from $60 to $200 worth of product. My 5 bottles of polish have a value of $70 and it only cost me$19.99 for the box!

The colors I received were perfect. Rachel is a nice coppery brown shade, which will be great for fall, Sandra is a shimmery hot pink shade, Jessica is a very soft shade of baby blue, and Megan is a shimmery teal shade. I chose to wear the Megan shade first because I loved that it matched my computer case perfectly!


Another great thing about Julep polish is that it does not contain many of the harsh chemicals typically found in nail polishes. Julep’s website says, “Julep Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. Our professional chip-resistant formulation is delivered via our exclusive flat brush with micro-frayed brush hairs.”

If Julep runs the Mystery Box special again I can assure you I will be first in line! 🙂

Did you order a mystery box? If so, what did you get inside? If not, do you think you’ll order one if they are offered in the future?


Going for Gold

In honor of the closing ceremonies I added a touch of gold to my fingers and toes!

Nail Polish: Spa Ritual in Solstice

I absolutely love this polish. I admit, normally I wouldn’t be so bold as to wear it all over my nails but my mom pointed out that the Olympics were the perfect excuse to do so. My Julep “mystery box” is scheduled to arrive today. I am hoping that I will be able to share my haul with you later this week.

Did you catch the closing ceremonies? What was your favorite part? Are you already psyched for Rio in 2016?

I hope your week is getting off to a great start!


Special Offer Alert!! Julep!

Hello everyone!

This is a quick post to let you know Julep has Mystery Boxes for sale with at least $60 worth of products but the value could be up to $200! They only cost $19.99. If you as me that is an excellent deal! On the site it tells you each box will contain at least 2 bottles of polish.

I just ordered the It Girl – Polish Lovers Mystery Box. Head over and grab one quick before they sell out!

Julep Mystery Boxes!

Gel Manicure Update

Happy Friday!!

I have a not so good update on my at home gel manicure. It is already chipping. However, I am not quite ready to swear off this product all together.

The top picture shows the chips in my at home gel manicure. The second picture shows me crocheting.

Why? Because I think that is what brought on the chipping. Crocheting may not seem like it would do much damage, however, I have been working on a significant crocheting project the past week. When I am working on the squares I am frequently using my nails to pull and tighten the yarn. The chipping is exclusive the fingers I am using most to crochet.

So ultimately, I think this at home gel manicure has the potential to hold up for a week or more with normal wear and tear. I just think it’s not quite strong enough to stand up to direct abuse. For the $5 I spent on the kit I don’t mind.

If you go easy on your nails I think the at home gel manicure will hold up well for you!

Have a fantastic weekend!


At Home Gel Manicure

Good morning readers!

We have a store up here called “Five Below”. Everything in the store costs $5 or less. I went in looking to pick up a new nail buffer when I stumbled across a Nutra Nail Gel Perfect kit.

I gave the kit a try for the first time yesterday. I looks like regular nail polish, however, there are some extra steps. First, you begin with the “activator”. It looks like a base coat of regular polish though it is more water like. Then you apply the color. You have to do one hand at a time or you run the risk of the activator drying which would make the polish not adhere. Overall it took me about 15 minutes to put two coats on all 10 of my nails. It actually went faster than using regular polish because you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) wait for each coat to dry.

The kit cost me only $5 at “Five Below”. When I opened the box I found a coupon for $2 off of another kit. So if this holds up as long as a professional gel manicure I will go back and buy another kit for only $3. If you don’t have a “Five Below” near you the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect kit is available at drug stores as well.

It has been 24 hours so far and I have no hints of chipping. I have had regular gel manicures done at a salon in the past. I absolutely love them, however, the UV light makes me a little weary. I try to save getting a professional gel manicure done for special occasions.

Do you have gel manicures done? Have you ever tried an at-home kit?

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Golden Nails

Happy Friday everyone!

Short post today! I am headed up to the lake this weekend so you will not hear from me tomorrow. Before I go I figured I would leave you with my polish look for the weekend!

This is SpaRitual Vegan Nail Polish in “Solstice”. (Read more about it in this post). I love this shade of gold. It feels like I have actual gold leaf on my nails.

I am going to try my best to get some outfit photos while I am at the lake. I will post them when I return. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Sparkling Navy Nails

Hello lovely readers!

Today I thought I would switch things up with a nail polish post. I am my own manicurist and I love coming up with my own polish creations. Lately I’ve been enjoying gathering ideas from Pinterest as well.

Navy Sparkle Nails 1

Sparkling Navy Nails 2

I love a funky take on the traditional “manicure”. Today I went with my vegan Spa Ritual nail polish in “Undercurrent” for the base color. Read more about it in my other post. The top color is silver sparkle by OPI. I got this years ago as part of a mini-set so I am not sure what the actual shade is. I am fortunate enough to have a steady hand so I painted the tips on myself.

Last but not least! I would like to give a big thank you to Stephanie over at Twenty-Something for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger” award! Please head on over to her blog and see all of her lovely posts!

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
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3. Include the award image in your post
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself
5. Nominate other bloggers for the award – link to their site – let them know they’ve been nominated!

My random facts…
I am a health nut and am very careful to only put healthy foods in my body. (Save some dark chocolate here and there!)

I love to drink tea, even when it is hot. I have 15 different types in my cabinet right now.

My idea of a perfect vacation is being on a secluded tropical beach under a cabana enjoying the sound of the waves.

My friends tell me I am a pro at “Draw Something” (I’ll post pictures sometime!)

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows, I could watch re-runs over and over!

I am addicted to online window shopping.

I could live off of new Triscuit Thin Crisp crackers.

So now I get to nominate some bloggers for the award as well! Here are my favorites. I stop byPlease go take a look these wonderful blogs!

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 Have a wonderful Saturday! 🙂