Love my TOMS!

If you haven’t heard of TOMS yet I highly recommend checking them out. (They are currently offering free shipping on ALL orders!

The great thing about TOMS is that for every pair sold they donate a pair of shoes to children in need all over the world. The shoes can protect these children’s feet not only from cuts and scrapes, but also from infection and disease. Also, because children’s feet are constantly growing TOMS makes a point of donating a new pair of the shoes to the children after 6 months.

I learned about TOMS through my cousin. I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that would be appropriate for my job as a classroom music teacher. As much as I would have loved to wear a pair of cute heels with my outfit everyday it simply wouldn’t be practical for dancing and playing music games in the classroom all day.

I have two pairs so far, a pair of classics and a pair of ballet flats. You have seen my ballet flats in several posts now. I will wear the classics more in the fall. Here are some photos of me in my ballet flats.

If you’re looking at the ballet flats now is the time to jump! They seem to be going on a hiatus. There are only a few pairs left in the “last chance” section. Best of all TOMS is offering free shipping on all orders up until 8/27.


Black and Blue

As I was digging through my closet this morning to find a new outfit, I actually stumbled upon this old shirt I had never worn.


Shirt: Victoria’s Secret (Old)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Possibly still in store on clearance)

Sandals: Nine West (Last Season)

If you’re one of my regular readers you know I am wearing these shorts to death. I got them on clearance from the LOFT Outlet.

I bought the shirt from Victoria’s Secret at least a year ago (maybe more, I can’t remember). Every time I go to wear it I realize I am wearing jeans and I put it back in my closet. I don’t like to wear one color from head to toe; I think it looks too boring.

This morning I decided it was time to put this shirt to use! I pulled out my beloved LOFT Outlet shorts and threw on the shirt. It looked decent as is, but I decided to try another new thing and tie a knot at the bottom. The shirt was made to be worn with a wrinkled effect and I thought the knot added to that relaxed feel.

So after letting this shirt go unused for at least a year, I’ve decided I need to be a bit more creative! I could have been wearing it a lot longer if I had just put in a little more thought!


Tiny Polka Dots

I’m really loving my sale shorts from the LOFT Outlet. Today I paired them with this polka dot top.

 Top: Forever21 (Last season)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet

I got this top from Forever21. I’ve worn it many different ways. With jeans, shorts, skirts… it’s so versatile! I absolutely love Forever21 because their items are so reasonably price and yet they look so good.

The shorts I’m wearing have become a fabulous investment. I’ve already worn them several times, and if you remember, I bought them at a great price!

Click on the links below to check out all the different ways I’ve worn them so far!

Blue top

Tribal Print

Light Blue Floral

Do you have a favorite piece that you can never get enough of? How many different ways can you wear it?

I hope you’re all having a great week! It’s almost Friday! 🙂


Another Outlet Find

I’ve still got some pieces from my double outlet trip with my mom from a couple of weeks ago.


Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (Only available at outlet store)

Sandals: Nine West (last season)

Earrings: Lia Sophia

You’ve seen the shorts in previous posts (like this one) but the shirt is a new item. I spotted this on the petite clearance rack at the Banana Republic Outlet store. The bold blue color popped right out of the rack and when I took it out I knew I needed to have it. The best part was that it was marked down from an original price of $39.99 to $12.97! Needless to say, it was coming home with me.

The top by itself flows away from the body quite a bit. To keep it from swallowing me up I borrowed the belt from this dress and cinched it at the waist.

It’s still been super steamy and hot up here in New England. I’ll be spending my Friday relaxing in the pool. How are you beating the heat today?




 Hey everyone!

Today’s post is brought to you by fabulous gift givers!

Dress: Gift (Banana Republic Outlet)

Belt: The Limited (Last season)

Sandals: Nine West (Last season)

Brown & Black Bracelet: Express (Last season)

Colorful bracelet: Gift (Anguilla street vendor)

I got this dress as a birthday present from my parents. My Mom picked it out at the Banana Republic Outlet. I love the ease of this dress. It is 100% cotton, which means it is super soft and comfortable. The detail on the sleeves dresses it up just a tad to make it stand out from a regular cotton dress.

I paired the belt with it to break up the color. I thought about going with a higher belt but thought this would be a more relaxed look. The bracelets were easy to pick out as the brown and black went with the belt and the colorful bracelet had hints of a similar green shade to the dress.

I’m off to jump in the pool! Enjoy your Tuesday!


Lovely savings!

Good afternoon!

Today’s outfit is probably my favorite so far on the blog.

Top: LOFT Outlet (not available online)

Shorts: LOFT Outlet (not available online)

As part of our weekend getaway to the lake my Mom and I went to two different outlet malls. A new set of premium outlets opened a couple towns away so we stopped there first. It was so exciting to load up on great new pieces at such low prices. I even got myself a case at Coach for my iPad at nearly 75% off!

I got this outfit at the LOFT Outlet. The shorts were originally $39.99 and I got them on sale for $14.99. The top was originally $39.99 and I got it on sale for $9.99!! The top is so light and breathable. It is very wearable for everyday but could also be dressed up with a pencil skirt or nice pair of dress pants. I think I’m on that border of casual and dressy today with the black shorts.

Do you find bargains like I do? Will you buy things at full price or do you prefer to wait for them to go on sale? Where do you score your best bargains?

Have a fabulous afternoon!