About Me

Hello fellow fashionistas! My name is Mindy. I have started Live Free and Fashionable to share my passion for fashion. I am simply a woman with a love of looking fabulous! Beyond fashion I have many hobbies and interests. I hold a degree in choral music education. My favorite way to escape and relax is to sit down at the piano and sing my heart out.

I’m big on healthy cooking. I like to pretend I am on “Chopped” when I am in the kitchen and throw together meals with whatever I have in my cabinets. Part of that is creativity and part of it is having many food sensitivities. Being healthy helps me keep happy!

In the Spring I love to get outside and enjoy blooming flowers. In the summer I like to spend my time floating in the pool catching some sun. In the fall I love to be out enjoying the beautiful fall foliage of New England. In the winter I like to keep cozy and drink plenty of cups of hot tea. Tea is something I couldn’t live without. I find nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea in a cozy sweater.

I also love to craft. My latest obsession is crocheting. I am not an expert but I can throw together baby blankets in no time! Most importantly I love spending time with my family and friends. We will watch movies (comedies please!), play games like Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan (yes I have a dorky side too! But I embrace it!) and other fun board games, plus rock out with Rockband (Beatles Rockband is my favorite!). Ultimately I am a young woman trying to have the most fun I can!

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  1. Fashionistas unite! Lol. Officially following you 🙂


  2. Evelien

     /  August 13, 2012

    When I read the “Live Free” part in your blog’s name, I directly wondered whether you were from New Hampshire. I’m from Europe, but I lived in New Hampshire for a year as an exchange student 🙂


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