ILY Couture Clearance Sale!!!

Hi everyone,

Even though I am no longer posting regularly I figure I will still share things every once in a while.

This afternoon I have a SALE to share with you! ILY Couture is offering coupons on LivingSocial for their Bubble Statement Necklace. The necklaces are normally $49. With the coupon code they are only $16!! Simply use this link to go to the LivingSocial website. You pay $16 in the LivingSocial checkout. Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with your exclusive promotion code. When you go to ILY Couture’s website  you simply select the necklace you want, head to the checkout, and enter your promotional code. It will deduct $49 (as you already paid the $16 purchase price on LivingSocial) and you are left with a $4.95 shipping cost. So for just $21 you are getting a $49. More than 50% off!

I ended up buying 2 necklaces because it was such a great deal! One in wine and one in turquoise.

Happy shopping!


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  1. hello dear…. its´being a while… keep writing..

  2. I´m glad you´ll keep writing once a while….


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