Beach Cover-up

This lovely beach cover-up is a gift from my mom.

Dress: My local Hallmark Store

Believe it or not she bought this dress at our local Hallmark Store for only $15! Our Hallmark has a corner of the store that looks like a little boutique. They sell dresses, handbags, sandals, tops, and more along with the usually cards and gifts.

The other interesting thing about this dress is that it is labeled “One size fits all”. The fabric is stretchy and the elastic waist has quite a bit of give. The fabric is incredibly soft and breathable.

I love this dress for any beach or lake trips. It is easy enough to throw on but also looks quite nice. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop at a casual restaurant for a meal after a day at the beach in this dress.The fabric won’t wrinkle if I toss it in a beach bag while I’m out in the sun. When I pull it out of the bag it looks just as good. I think it’s a great summer piece!

How do you cover up at the beach? Do you wear sundresses? Shorts?

Enjoy your afternoon!


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  1. love it!!!! such a fun print too~ =) xO!

  2. such a lovely dress!

  3. go mom! love the cover up.
    xx micol

    The Marcy Stop
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  4. I love wearing dresses to the beach as cover-ups! They’re so simple to just pull on and you can definitely transition them to after-beach cocktails!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Love that dress honey,chic beach outfit;)

  6. Love it! The print is amazing!

  7. I like your blog style and has everything I like.

  8. this is lovely! and one size fits all how convenient is that!? i am a short/t girl generally but i do agree there is nothing easier/more adaptable then a dress 😀


  9. I love the fit and print on this dress! I can\’t believe you got it from Hallmark (I didn\’t think they sold anything other than greeting cards). What a great find for $15!


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