A Lovely Weekend Trip to the Lake

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus from writing! Hopefully you will enjoy my extra long vacation post with bonus pictures!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet (Not available online)

Tank Top: Hollister

Shorts: Marshall’s (Last Season)

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: Loft Outlet

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Sandals: Old Navy

Top: American Eagle (Last Season)

Shorts: Loft Outlet

Shoes: TOMS

Driving the golf cart! 🙂

This is my beautiful mother who takes fantastic photos for me!

Mom and I had a nice quiet weekend up at the lake with my grandfather who is up from Florida for the summer. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place by the lake. It has been in the family since my mom, aunts and uncle were kids. My grandparents purchased it after falling in love with the area visiting my great aunt and great uncle at their place. Since then our family has spent many summer weeks and weekends enjoying the lake and water. They are in a private park so there is a great sense of community. Everyone greets each other with a smile and wave as they pass.

 There are so many things to do up at the lake. My cousins and I always have a great time spending the days down by the water enjoying the private beach. The girls will get away to do some shopping at the nearby outlet. Mom and I made sure to make 2 stops this weekend! In the park itself the scenery is beautiful. We’ll take walks through the park (or golf cart rides!) and walk along the train tracks.When we were kids we used to run down to the tracks with a penny to try and get it on the rails before the train got close. (Don’t worry, you could hear the train several minutes before it went by). Once the train passed you would have a nice hot flattened penny!

Our family has so many special memories from our weekends up at the lake. It is such a beautiful place to share with family and friends. This was a quiet weekend compared to most but it really was a lovely getaway. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy such a great place every summer.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather here in New England was perfect. Hopefully you all had beautiful weather as well!

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  1. I was missing your post!! Love the lake where you’ve been!! It’s great to spend a weekend with the family!


  2. Btw your mum is so beautiful! Nice to know her!

  3. Lovely outfit darling !
    enjoy your holidays,

    if you want we can like each other on facebook 🙂 here is my page and also on bloglovin 🙂

    Elegantesque Blog

  4. Yay, looks like you had an awesome weekend with some beautiful sunsets! And some fabulous lake attire…cool and casual 🙂 When I was younger my family always went up to Lake Erie in Ohio for long weekends and weeks in the summertime. Seeing these pics makes me miss it sooooo much (especially the golf cart one!)


    • Thank you Stephanie! I would imagine Lake Erie is super beautiful. I’ve never been to the Great Lakes. I hope to see them eventually!

  5. What a pretty view, seems so relaxing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • It is the best. The night sky is amazing because there is no light pollution. I should have grabbed some pictures of that as well for all of you. Next time!

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