My Daily Make-up Regimen

Hello my lovely readers!

Many of my friends have asked what kind of make-up I use and I thought sharing my make-up regimen would be a fun post for the blog. My routine is pretty much the same every day. I like to keep my make-up simple and natural looking. I jazz it up for special events from time to time but overall I like to use my make-up to enhance my features rather than alter them entirely.

The first step of my routine every day is Bobbi Brown Foundation with SPF 15 in Beige 3. I only use it under my eyes to cover dark circles. This is by far the best foundation I have ever used. I stumbled upon it through free samples I received with a Sephora order. My dark circles have always made me self-conscious and I fought for years to find an effective way to cover them. This foundation blended perfectly with my skin which is really amazing with my olive skin tone.

Next I use eyeliner. My favorite feature is my eyes. I am very fortunate to have inherited my green eyes from my grandfather. People often ask me if I have colored contact lenses because my eye color is so strong and unique. I find that a strong eyeliner really helps draw out that color even more making my eyes pop. My favorite eyeliners are Stila’s Smudge Sticks. The are long lasting and apply easily. Right now, my favorite go-to color in the smudge sticks is “lion fish”. It is brown with a hint of shimmer. Here are the colors I own…

To highlight my eyes even more I apply eye shadow. Just like my eye liner my favorite eye shadows are by Stila. I have many Stila shadows. I own the 2010 and 2011 holiday color wheel palettes. Lately my go-to shadow has been a Stila shadow trio named “Mulholland Drive”. The great thing about Stila’s eye shadow palettes and trios is that they come with guides for application. They give you suggestions as to how to apply multiple colors for easy application. I always apply my shadow with my Stila brush. The wider end is perfect for applying the main shadow colors and the small end is perfect for applying color to the crease and lash line.

To finish off my eyes I curl my lashes and use Stila’s “Stay all day waterproof volumizing mascara”. This mascara never flakes on me. It stays on strong all day. A couple of swipes leaves a nice even coat of mascara free of clumps!

Lastly, I add a little blush to my cheeks. It seems like not many women are wearing blush anymore, but I think there is a lot to be said for it. It gives a natural healthy glow. I am currently using a Sephora blush in Pink Blush.

Of course, at the end of the day, all of this make-up needs to come off. Sephora gave me a sample of Purity fash wash a year ago. Once I tried it I was in love. It takes off all of my make-up with ease. There is no burning or irritation, even with my semi-sensitive skin. The make-up comes off clean and easy. It is even gentle on my eyes.

So that wraps up my daily make-up regimen. It may sound like a lot but it really only takes me about 5 minutes to apply.

What are the essentials in your make-up routine? Do you have products you can’t live without? Are you committed to certain brands or do you switch it up every once in a while?

Thanks bunches for reading!


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  1. Now we all know why you look so stunning!! I love all your products! I will take them into account. I just cannot live without touch eclat YSL…

  2. I have been searching for a great foundation for some time now. I currently use Nars…but I too suffer from dark circles and haven’t found a foundation that covers them up nicely. I am definitely going to try the foundation you use…thanks for sharing this!


    • It blends so well and is so light it doesn’t feel like you are wearing any make-up! I hope you like it as much as I do!

  3. My routine is very similar to yours (if not the same) …. I do however stay away from certain brands because they contain parabens.

    • That is wise. I am trying to get better about looking at that. It is tricky because the ingredients are not always listed or if they are, not everything is mentioned.

  4. i have been thinking about trying the smudge sticks so now i will give them a go for sure!! i agree i do the same make up pretty much everyday and it is meant to enhance not make something completely different 😀


  5. Wow, I’m envious that your routine only takes you 5 minutes. I’m always taking forever to get ready.

    • I wasn’t always this quick! Once I really striped my routine down to the bare essentials I really trimmed the time. It was totally worth the sacrifices! 🙂

  6. That eyeshadow looks very nice! Would you like to follow each other?x

  7. I love Philosophy Purity! One of my favs! I enjoyed reading through your regimen ! xo

  8. I have never tried Philosophy Purity – will do so now 🙂
    would love for you to check out my new post

  9. I really enjoyed seeing your routine. The only brand that is a must-have for me is Neutrogena. I love their beauty products, they just feel so natural to me!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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