Fabulous Floral – A Polyvore Creation

Fabulous Floral

Something you will see me do often on Live Free and Fashionable is share one of my polyvore creations. When I am on polyvore I like to start off with an item I love, usually a shirt or a dress and design an outfit around it.

With my Fabulous Floral set I started with the Dolce and Gabbana floral tank. I was drawn to the tank top by the vibrant colors and soft ethereal fabric. The top definitely falls into the “Only in my Dreams” category due to the price, but let me tell you, if money were no object it would be in my closet!!

I wanted a summery look so I decided to pair it with the khaki shorts (though it would really go with any kind of bottoms). Now, I am incredibly picky when it comes to shoes. It took me quite a while to select the Emanuela Caruso sandals. I like them because they add a new texture to the outfit. The stones and crystals are chic.

The choice of a bag color was easy. I knew I wanted to draw from one of the colors in the D&G tank. I chose the bright red satchel because the color paired perfectly with the tank top, however the design was simple. Adding texture in the bag would have been overboard.

Lastly, I needed to accessorize. I threw in the hat as both a fashionable and practical point. I picture myself in this outfit strolling along the beach in the summer. The wide brimmed hat gives that cute look while keeping the wearer cool. The jewelry adds a little pop of sophistication with the earrings and glittery bangles.

Overall I feel this outfit gives a look of sophistication with a pop of cheeriness!

What do you wear for a stroll on the beach? Do you have any items similar to these in your closet? How would you pair them?

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  1. Love the post, you’re very creative!
    Visit my blog 🙂

  2. I’ve been sitting and staring in this for a while,wow honey!Amazing!;)


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