Vegan Nail Polish by Spa Ritual (Yes, I said Vegan)

Current Polish Obsession: Vegan Nail Polish by SpaRitual

A couple of months ago I was at our newly renovated mall scoping out the new stores. I walked into a new salon looking for some new nail polishes. I scoped out my usual favorites, OPI, Essie, etc. when I noticed a bottle I had not seen before.

My Spa Ritual manicure in “Strike a Pose”.

When I started to check out the bottle I was surprised to see that it was labeled as “vegan”. My initial thought was “Vegan nail polish? Really?” But then I kept reading. According to their website SpaRitual polish is “free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene.

The first bottle of SpaRitual nail polish I bought “Undercurrent”.

The first color I bought was “Undercurrent”. I received lots of compliments on the shade and had a great time bragging about how the polish was vegan and free of harsh chemicals. I was in a nail polish shade rut so I went back today to get more. I got the really cute pink you see on my nails in this post. It’s called “Strike a Pose”.

My mini SpaRitual Polish in “Strike a Pose”.

Such a cute little bottle! This is a view of the back. You can see it says “vegan” right on it!

Now, I know, we’ve all been using polish as is for so long. What harm can it really do? However, it has me thinking. Even if we’re not actually ingesting nail polish (nail biters, you might be!!) we could still be exposed to these chemicals through the fumes. I paint my nails fairly often, so it probably adds up. I can’t say I’ll be giving up regular polish altogether. I’m honestly hoping that they think about changing their formulas. If SpaRitual can do it, I don’t see why they can’t too!

So, I bet the big questions in all of your minds are, “But Mindy, is it any good? Does it last? Are there good colors?”

YES! To all of the above! First of all, the first time I was painting my nails I realized, “Oh my goodness! There is no odor!” Second, the first time I painted my nails I went a good 3 days without chipping. This is UNHEARD of for me. I am abusive to my nails, I play piano, cook, wash my hands obsessively (I’m a germaphobe) and do everything else you’re not supposed to do to preserve your nail polish. This stuff really holds up. Oh! And it comes off easily too. I feel like I’m fighting to remove my polish sometimes. Even with good polish remover.

As for the colors, check them out yourself. I think they’re great! I am super picky about colors. I can sit for an hour trying to determine which exact shade of pink is the right shade, even if they’re practically the same. SpaRitual has matte and shimmer shades. I also picked up a golden glitter.

So where can you get it? I’ve found it at Sephora and Apothica. You can also search for stores near you that sell the polish on SpaRitual’s website.

Are you going to give SpaRitual a try? If you’ve already tried out SpaRitual, what did you think of it?

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  1. it´s nice i will be back soon!

  2. Thanks for this! I just checked out the colour section & its amazing…not sure if I’ll be able to get them in australia, but I’m really into things without chemicals, and for it to also work this well is amazing.

  3. wow this is really interesting! it is amazing all the things we put in/on our body on a regular basis that is horrible for us 😦 glad to see some alternative options!


  4. wow this is awesome! My sister is a vegan and this would make an awesome gift for her bday. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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