LFF’s top 10 Closet Essentials – Numbers 5-1

Here’s the second half of my list! See if any of your picks match up with mine!

5. A Properly Fitted Black Blazer

I have so many cute tank tops in my closet, they tend to be inexpensive, so I stock up. However, when the New England fall and winter roll in I don’t want to part with them. So, to keep them around, I pair them with my black blazer! I can wear the blazer up for work by pairing it with a nice pair of black dress pants or a pencil skirt. I can dress the blazer down by pairing it with a pair of jeans and heels or flats.

Tokyo Fashion Black Blazer from YesStyle.

Bargain: YesStyle

Treat: FarFetch

Only in my Dreams: FarFetch

4. A Camel or Tan Handbag

I’m sure many of you are wondering… “Why camel or tan?” I’ll tell you why, versatility! Camel and tan are neutrals, so they go with anything. Also, the color is great year round. It is light enough to carry in the spring and summer months; but also dark enough that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in the fall and winter months. The size and style of the bag is up to you. I am hooked on hobo bags right now. They look shabby chic and fit whatever you need. I know some ladies out there avoid the big bags so they don’t carry too much! You can’t go wrong with the size, pick the style that works for you!

Smoothie Bag from YesStyle.

Bargain: YesStyle

Treat: Macy’s

Only in my Dreams: My Theresa

3. A Perfectly Fitting Little Black Dress

This is a staple on many people’s closet essential list for a reason. As we all know, the little black dress “LBD” is timeless. The fabulous this about the LBD is that it draws attention away from a bright color or distracting pattern and puts the attention on the figure of the woman wearing it. I know for some women, that thought is intimidating. As much as we all want to look beautiful, the thought of all eyes on us can be scary. That is the precise reason the “LFF Closet Essential” is listed as “A Perfectly Fitting Little Black Dress”.

Herve Leger Little Black Dress from StyleBop.

Bargain: Serene Order

Treat: Victoria’s Secret

Only in my Dreams: StyleBop

2. Skin Tone Panties in many Cuts

We all love our fun colorful panties! They’re cute! However, they’re not so cute when you’re dying to rock that new white skirt you just bought… You don’t want everyone seeing that adorable pair of puppy print briefs you have as well… So what is a woman to do? Reach for her skin tone panties of course! These nude panties will come in handy for far more than just white skirts. Whenever you have that pesky clothing item that is just a little too see through, skin tone panties will come to the rescue! It is a myth that when you are wearing something see through you should jump for the white undergarments. I absolutely cringe every time I see a woman with a white t-shirt and a white bra underneath. We’ve all seen women make that mistake, however, somehow, people think the rule doesn’t apply to them. Whenever you have a semi-transparent clothing item you want to reach for the undergarments that blend best with your skin. For Caucasian women, that color is tends to be labeled as nude, buff, bare, beige, etc. For African Amercian women, a brown is best, although often difficult to find. The cut of the panties is also an important factor. For tight fitting clothing, seamless or thong underwear is a must. However, for a-line or other loose fitting skirts and dresses a brief or bikini tends to be a bit more comfortable.

Victoria’s Secret The Lacie Hiphugger Panty from Victoria’s Secret.

Bargain: Victoria’s Secret

Treat: Neiman Marcus

Only in my Dreams: net-a-porter

1. Perfectly Fitted Bras

Your undergarments are the foundation of all of your outfits. Having a bra that fits properly ensures that your clothing will fit properly. It also makes you feel more confident when you know your chest is up where it should be. I used to work at a big name women’s undergarment store and I learned everything there is to know about a proper bra fitting. As you continue to read with me you are sure to hear more about what I think are great bras and how to find the proper fit. For now (before I go on an extremely long rant!) just know, for a great overall appearance, it is essential to be fitted by a bra specialist to put together your bra collection.

Myla London Myla Isabella Bra from Asos.

Bargain: Victoria’s Secret

Treat: Victoria’s Secret

Only in my Dreams: Asos

So, that rounds out the list of my top 10 closet essentials! What are yours? Is there an item or several items you simply can’t live without? What do you think of mine? Do our favorites match up anywhere?

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  1. I’m reading this and nodding at every point – especially with nude underwear. At my age (18) everyone still seems obsessed with bright coloured bras and polka dot panties, but I rarely wear anything but a nude set. I know they fit well and look invisible – which is most important, I think!

    • Thank you Sophia. You are very wise. They’ll learn after their first embarrassing wardrobe mishap! I have plenty of colorful items in my drawers, however, they are reserved for outfits they will remain hidden underneath!


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